The Power of Beauty Art Exhibition

May 2013

Heejin Hwang is a metalsmith who earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Konkuk University in Korea and later received a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Seoul National University, Korea. Her work has been shown in galleries, museums, and cultural centers throughout Korea, Germany, and the United States. Her show, The Power of Beauty, combined contemporary ideas with strong traditional techniques. During this exhibition, Heejin focused on sculptural objects, dealing with expressing shadows of human personalities, and body ornament using mixed media and enamel.


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Using Heejin’s photographs, I created promotional and marketing materials for the show. These projects included an art show booklet, postcard, invitation, and more.

Artwork Labels:

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The materials for this exhibition exuded a tasteful and reserved style which emphasized the structure and power of the body ornaments. From the typography—strong and clean with flourishes of beauty and ornamentation—down to the colors—relaxed earth tones and pops of powerful color—each design decision repeated, and therefore emphasized, the very nature and composition of the artist's work. From the invitation to the guidebook, we are familiarized with the artwork and message through each step and touch point.

Postcard (front and back):

Postcard Front
Postcard Back


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