Informal Gamers Project

Fall 2014 | youtube channel

Informal Gamers was a project that arose between my best friend and I as a way to share our online gaming experiences. More importantly it was created as a fun project surrounding our gaming hobby and served as a way to archive our digital adventures together for our future old sad selves.

Black Playstation 4 Controller
White Playstation 4 Controller

At the very outset of this project we had a good idea of what it would look like. We aren’t hardcore gamers and if we wound up building some sort of audience we knew it wouldn't be due to comprehensive gameplay or knowledge, just silliness and fun. This lead to our name: Informal Gamers. This name clearly depicts who we are and what we do — it sets expectations well. The overall color scheme found inspiration from the soft, pastel, and cartoony colors of the Playstation controller buttons — the classic square, circle, “x” and triangle.


My favorite part of this project revolved around creating the logo. The building blocks in every game are pixels, and some of the most iconic gaming imagery is pixelated or has an emphasis on pixel structure. Some examples of this include classic old games like “Pong” or, one of my first games, Pokémon on the Gameboy. There’s a beauty in those pixels and how the artists were able to build entire worlds from fat little squares. Long story short, this is why we ended up with the logo you see here: two very close pixelated heads.

Our unofficial tag line is “Two best buds that like to play with each other.” We think it worked out pretty perfectly. Below is the intro clip we used to begin each video upload (includes audio).